Lighting Audio Systems: Unleashing the Power of Immersive Experiences

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Picture an event where the lights, music, and visuals all merge beautifully. Alcor Prime from Indonesia makes this happen. They combine Lightworks and Soundworks to make your event Lighting Audio Systems a memory to treasure.

What if you could use top tech to make your event extraordinary? Alcor Prime offers outstanding lighting systems, audio systems, and multimedia workstations. These can make your event more engaging and fun for everyone.

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Lighting Audio Systems, Key Takeaways:

  • Alcor Prime is Indonesia's leading end-to-end event solution provider, offering a wide range of services and managing several premier brands.
  • Lightworks and Soundworks, two of Alcor Prime's key brands, specialize in cutting-edge lighting and audio technologies respectively.
  • Alcor Prime's comprehensive suite of solutions, including lighting systems, audio systems, and multimedia workstations, are designed to create immersive and captivating event experiences.
  • By seamlessly integrating these technologies, Alcor Prime empowers its clients to unlock new dimensions of engagement and excitement for their guests.
  • Alcor Prime's commitment to innovation and expertise in the events industry positions it as a transformative force in the industry.

Introducing Alcor Prime: A Powerhouse in Event Solutions

Alcor Prime leads in providing full event solutions in Indonesia. With a solid vision and mission, it's known for creating unmatched experiences. This is thanks to its skilled team of experts.

A Glimpse into the Company’s Vision and Mission

Alcor Prime aims to be Indonesia's top choice for all event needs, improving the event world with its diverse offerings. It strives to give great experiences while maintaining quality through its talented staff.

Delivering Unparalleled Experiences through Talented Professionals

With Jim Tehusijarana at the helm, Alcor Prime has become a standout in event solutions. Its dedication to building a team of talented professionals marks its success. This allows the company to offer top-notch event solutions that go beyond what clients expect.

Lighting System by Lightworks: Illuminating Every Event with Brilliance

Managed by Alcor Prime, Lightworks is known for its advanced lighting technology. It makes events unforgettable with its solutions. Their team uses top-notch lighting control software and gear for stunning results.

Cutting-Edge Lighting Technology for Unforgettable Moments

The heart of Lightworks is its advanced lighting technology. Experts in lighting use high-quality software and gear. They turn event venues into captivating spaces with their light designs.

Customizable Solutions for Any Event or Venue

Every event and venue has its unique needs, which Lightworks understands. They provide customizable lighting solutions. Their team works with clients to meet their specific vision. Thus, they create lighting that fits the event's style perfectly.

Audio System by Soundworks: Orchestrating the Perfect Auditory Ambiance

Soundworks, a brand by Alcor Prime, specializes in top-notch audio gear and sound services. They are all about immersive, top-quality sound at your events. The Soundworks team uses the best in sound mixing and mastering tools. This ensures the audio at your event is flawless, making the whole experience amazing.

Premier Audio Equipment for Immersive Sound Experiences

At Soundworks, quality shines through in their hand-picked audio equipment. This equipment improves the event experience dramatically. They have everything from the latest sound systems to advanced audio tech. Their expert team customizes everything. They create soundscapes that truly draw you in.

Expert Sound Engineering for Flawless Execution

The heart of Soundworks is its experienced sound engineers. They know everything about making sounds just right. Using their smarts and creativity, they craft perfect audio for your event. This means every sound you hear is perfect, creating a seamless and wonderful atmosphere.


Alcor Prime, Lightworks, Soundworks, Lighting System, Audio System

Under the Alcor Prime umbrella, you'll find Lightworks and Soundworks. They offer everything you need for events. Lightworks has top-of-the-line lighting tech. Soundworks offers the best in audio.

Lightworks is famous for its amazing lighting experiences. They use the best software and gear to light up any space. These solutions are made for every type of event.

Soundworks makes sure the sounds at events are unforgettable. They use the newest sound technology. This makes the audio part of any event just as special as the visual part.

Alcor Prime brings Lightworks and Soundworks together to make events truly immersive. They blend top-notch lighting and audio for experiences people remember. This shows Alcor Prime's dedication to making every event extraordinary.

Lighting System

Brand Specialty Key Services
Lightworks Lighting Technology
  • Custom event lighting
  • Lighting arrangement
  • Lighting design
Soundworks Audio Engineering
  • Sound production
  • Audio equipment
  • Sound reinforcement

Event Production: Bringing Visions to Life

Alcor Prime excels in bringing visions to life through event production. Their team works with clients to turn ideas into incredible experiences. This is true for all events, be it for a business or an exciting activity.

Comprehensive Event Management Services

Through every step of planning and running an event, Alcor Prime is there. They start by creating the concept and end with a perfectly organized event. Such dedication allows them to make every event unforgettable, no matter the complexity.

Innovative Solutions for Corporate Events and Activations

Alcor Prime knows how to meet the needs of business clients. They organize top-tier conferences, product reveals, and activations. Using their skill and the latest tech, they craft unique experiences that draw everyone in, helping clients meet their goals.

Event Production Services Alcor Prime Capabilities
Event Coordination Seamless planning and execution of events, from concept to completion
Catering and Culinary Services Personalized menus featuring high-quality, traditional Indonesian dishes
Venue and Facility Management Customizable event spaces and environments to meet diverse needs
Technical Support and Production Optimal sound distribution, lighting, and special effects for immersive experiences
Digital Content Distribution Global reach and support for local artists and musicians

event production

Lighting Systems: Setting the Stage for Captivating Visuals

At Alcor Prime, the Lightworks brand shines brightly. It focuses on top-notch lighting systems that make events stunning. Their advanced technology works seamlessly with videos and visual effects. This makes event spaces come alive, delighting and captivating everyone.

State-of-the-Art Lighting Control Software

Event planners get incredible control with Lightworks' software. They can adjust lights to perfection, changing color and timing. This ensures the lighting matches the event's mood, making everything look and feel amazing.

Seamless Integration with Video and Visual Effects

Lightworks also syncs lighting with videos and special effects. This makes the event more than an event, but an experience. It turns the space into an interactive world that grabs everyone's attention and imagination.

lighting systems

Audio Systems: Elevating the Sensory Experience

Soundworks is Alcor Prime's audio branch. It strives to make events more exciting with top-notch audio systems. They use the best sound mixing and sound mastering tools. This way, people hear as well as see amazing things.

Cutting-Edge Sound Mixing and Mastering Tools

At Soundworks, they have the latest in sound technology. Their sound mixing and mastering gear is top of the line. Event planners love working with them. They ensure the sound is just right for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Immersive Audio Solutions for Live Events

Soundworks wows with the newest immersive audio gear. Their systems make you feel like you're in a new world. They place sound all around you. This makes every event more lively and fun.

Multimedia Workstations: Where Creativity Meets Technology

Alcor Prime's multimedia workstations bring together creative minds and cutting-edge tech. They include Lightworks for top-notch video editing and Soundworks for high-quality audio work. These stations help clients turn their ideas into amazing multimedia projects.

Powerful Video Editing and Color Grading Tools

The workstations from Alcor Prime are loaded with advanced tools. These let creators perfect their digital work. They can do everything from fixing colors to adding cool visual effects. This boosts the overall look of any project.

Streamlined Workflows for Efficient Content Creation

Alcor Prime knows how improving efficiency is key. That’s why they’ve set up their workstations for smooth work. With the latest video editing and audio tools, creating content is a breeze. It helps their clients stay focused on being creative rather than tech troubles.

Conclusion: Transforming Events into Extraordinary Experiences

Alcor Prime uses its brands, like Lightworks and Soundworks, to make events amazing. They take advantage of new tech and a skilled team. This lets them give top-notch lighting, sound, and visuals that draw people in.

The company helps its customers make moments that people will never forget. Alcor Prime is known for its high standards and the wide variety of services it offers. This means every event they work on shines with creativity, new ideas, and flawless work.

Alcor Prime is top-notch in transforming events, be it big parties or professional meetings. They use advanced lighting, sound, and visuals to make the experience better for everyone. Their work makes a deep impact on guests, making each event memorable.


What is Alcor Prime?

Alcor Prime is at the top in Indonesia for all event needs. They provide everything from organizing events to video and sound equipment. You can also get catering, find a place to host your event, and even manage artists through them.

What are the key brands under the Alcor Prime umbrella?

Under Alcor Prime, you'll find well-known brands like Goodworks for events. They have great spaces like The Kasablanka for your events. Plus, they provide the latest in sound and light technology through Soundworks and Lightworks. They also handle music, food, and even event publishing through Inside Indo, Tabletop, Wayang Bistro, Big Knob, and Insight Unlimited.

What is the vision and mission of Alcor Prime?

Alcor Prime aims to be the biggest helper for events in Indonesia. Their goal is to make all events better with their services and products. They aim to give the best to all clients and partners, using a team of skilled and creative people.

What are the key capabilities of Lightworks?

Lightworks makes events shine with its top-notch lighting. They use the latest technology to light up events in a special way. This makes every event a unique experience.

What are the key capabilities of Soundworks?

Soundworks focuses on top-quality sound. They bring the best audio tech to events. Their sound experts make sure everything sounds perfect, adding a great atmosphere to events.

What are the key features of Alcor Prime’s multimedia workstations?

Alcor Prime's multimedia workstations are a creative's dream. They have the best tools for video editing and sound production under one roof. This helps people turn their event visions into stunning multimedia experiences.

Schedule a Lighting Audio Systems consultation, telephone: +62 21 2948 8557, talk to our team of event lighting audio systems on +62 818 616 006 (Whatsapp), Email:, Office Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +7)

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