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Alcor Prime, Food Catering, Restaurant, Wayang Bistro, Table Top Catering

As the sun sets, the city comes alive with a unique buzz. It's the feeling that a special event is about to happen. Alcor Prime shines as Indonesia's best end-to-end event solution provider. It's known for its dedication to making dreams happen. They offer everything needed for planning and hosting events.

Alcor Prime is not just about great food catering and restaurant dining. It also brings the exotic tastes of Wayang Bistro cuisine to the table. Their skills go beyond cooking. They provide the best table top catering packages, corporate event catering, and more. This makes every event a food lover's paradise.

Started in 2015, Alcor Prime aimed to change the events game for the better. Now, as a leader, they offer a complete range of services. This includes everything from being the event organizer, managing events, activating events, to offering facilities like multifunction halls. They also provide essential services like sound & lighting rental, catering, restaurant, music distribution, production house, artist management, and merchandise. With a hardworking team, they make sure every event is memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Alcor Prime is Indonesia's leading end-to-end event solution provider
  • The company offers a wide range of services, from food catering to event management
  • Alcor Prime's culinary expertise includes exceptional restaurant dining and the flavors of Wayang Bistro
  • The company provides top-notch table top catering packages and a variety of catering options
  • Alcor Prime was founded in 2015 with the aim of making a positive impact on the events industry

Alcor Prime, Food Catering, Restaurant, Wayang Bistro, Table Top Catering

Alcor Prime is a top event solution in Indonesia. It offers a wide range of services. These include organizing corporate events, managing events, providing halls, renting sound and lighting, catering, and more. The company started in 2015 to make events better.

Indonesia’s Leading End-to-End Event Solution

Alcor Prime is the best at organizing and managing corporate events. They give expert advice on setup, design, and working with vendors. They also manage logistics well. This makes every event they work on unforgettable.

Their team is talented and professional. They offer a variety of services and use quality products. This creates extraordinary experiences for everyone involved.

Corporate Event Organizer and Management

Alcor Prime runs amazing corporate events. They help with everything from picking a venue to decorating. They also handle vendor needs and the event's logistics. Their goal is to ensure everyone has a smooth and enjoyable time.

Event Activation and Production Services

Alcor Prime also excels in activating and producing events. They use their skilled team, vast services, and focus on quality. Their event production includes sound, lighting, stage setup, and multimedia. These aid in creating engaging and memorable events throughout.

Wayang Bistro: A Culinary Journey Through Indonesia

Wayang Bistro is where diners dive into the world of Indonesian cuisine. It's part of the Alcor Prime group. The place is all about celebrating Indonesia's flavorful traditions. They offer authentic Indonesian dishes made with top-notch ingredients for that true taste.

Personalized Menu Selection

Here, you can choose what you like to eat, whether you're alone or with a group. This personalized menu selection is for everyone. The restaurant's team is super proud of their quick and friendly service. They make sure every diner leaves happy, creating a truly memorable time.

wayang bistro cuisine

Exceptional Dining Experience

The restaurant's goal is simple: to make your visit an amazing experience. They work hard to serve you quickly and with a smile. At Wayang Bistro, every moment is special, thanks to their unmatched service and delicious food.

Table Top Catering: Gourmet Solutions for Every Occasion

Alcor Prime's Table Top Catering division offers gourmet solutions for events. They focus on quality and look to deliver exceptional experiences. Their team customizes the service to meet each client's needs.

Corporate Event Catering

Planning any type of corporate event? Alcor Prime has you covered. They offer various catering packages that will wow your guests. From menu selection to event coordination, they make sure your event is a hit.

Private Party Catering

Need catering for a special event like a birthday or wedding? Alcor Prime's private party catering is top-notch. They work with you to design a dining experience that's unforgettable. Choose from ready-made packages or create a custom menu.

Buffet and À La Carte Options

Looking for flexible catering? Alcor Prime offers buffet and menu options. This is perfect for corporate events, private parties, or any special event. You get to pick what best suits your occasion.

table top catering packages

The Alcor Prime Advantage

Alcor Prime's success comes from its talented and professional team, its wide range of services, and its focus on offering quality products and services. The company's team is made up of skilled people in areas like event management and catering. They make sure each client gets the best service possible.

Talented and Professional Team

The skilled team at Alcor Prime makes every event great. They handle everything from planning to food, ensuring satisfied guests. This dedication leads to events that leave a lasting impression.

Wide Range of Services

Alcor Prime is a one-stop-shop for all event needs, offering services like corporate event organizing and music distribution and artist management. They take care of every detail from start to finish. This approach lets clients relax, knowing their events are in good hands.

Quality Products and Services

Alcor Prime is dedicated to quality in everything it does. Its food catering services, restaurant dining, and Wayang Bistro cuisine use the best ingredients. The company also offers table top catering packages, corporate event catering, and private party catering. These aim to surpass client expectations with gourmet dining experiences.

the alcor prime advantage

Alcor Prime’s Journey and Achievements

Alcor Prime has seen many successful events and has happy satisfied clients. They built a great name by always giving top-notch services and making strategic partnerships in the events, catering, and entertainment fields. Their dedication to being the best won over more and more clients, making them a top choice in Indonesia for events.

Successful Events and Satisfied Clients

Alcor Prime has made many successful events. They impressed both business and private customers. Their events, from introducing new products to financial meetings, show they are careful with every detail. They capture Jakarta’s lively spirit, winning over happy satisfied clients from all areas.

Strategic Partnerships

Alcor Prime aims to match its services with what its clients want. This has helped them make strong strategic partnerships in events, catering, and entertainment. Working together has let them use their skills and support to create outstanding events. These events go beyond what their partners and the audience expected.

alcor prime successful events

Venue and Facilities

Alcor Prime doesn't just do catering and event planning well. They have amazing venues like The Kasablanka and Sutera Hall. These spots are perfect for all kinds of events. They're modern, flexible, and meet the needs of Alcor Prime's guests perfectly.

The Kasablanka and Sutera Hall

Under Alcor Prime, you'll find The Kasablanka and Sutera Hall. They're big, high-tech spots for all sorts of events, big or small. These places are built in great locations and have the latest tech. This makes Alcor Prime's events smooth and special for everyone.

Sound and Lighting Rental Services

Alcor Prime also does sound and lighting rentals really well. They make sure every event has the tech it needs to impress. Alcor Prime's team works with clients to make the perfect audio-visual setups. This makes events better and more memorable for guests.

the kasablanka

Additional Services

Alcor Prime not only offers event and catering services. It also provides other services to meet various client needs. Its Insight Unlimited division helps Indonesian musicians go global. It provides music distribution and artist management services.

Music Distribution and Artist Management

Chika Maryana leads Inside Indo & Insight Unlimited Music Label at Alcor Prime. They support Indonesian talents to get known worldwide. Pongky Prasetyo, of Lightworks, Soundworks & Big Knob Audio, adds over 20 years of experience. This team ensures artists get the support they need.

Production House and Merchandise

Alcor Prime also runs a production house and merchandise services. This makes it a perfect choice for clients needing a variety of solutions. It is a one-stop-shop for events, music distribution, and custom-branded merch.

production house and merchandise

Get in Touch

At Alcor Prime, we strive to offer top-notch event and catering solutions. Have any questions or want to meet our event experts? Just get in touch using the contact details below.

Contact Information

Reach us by phone at +62 21 2948 8557, or talk to Alcor Prime event specialist +62 818 616 006 (Whatsapp), Email:, Office Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +7). We're here Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Our team is ready to help with your inquiries and provide service info.

Schedule a Consultation

Want to see how Alcor Prime can make your event dreams real? Book a consultation with our event pros. Fill out our website's form or call us. We're eager to discuss how we can ensure your event is a hit.

Reach us by phone at +62 21 2948 8557, or talk to Alcor Prime event specialist +62 818 616 006 (Whatsapp), Email:, Office Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +7). We're here Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Our team is ready to help with your inquiries and provide service info.

For info on Alcor Prime's services or to speak with an event specialist, use their contact info to get in touch. We're excited to work with you. Alcor Prime promises excellent food, restaurant options, and event solutions. Trust us to make your Indonesia event unforgettable.

contact information


Alcor Prime has become a well-known name in event services. It is praised for its food catering services and restaurant dining. The famous Wayang Bistro cuisine and top quality table top catering packages are also highlights. They shine in handling corporate events, private parties, and more.

It has a skilled team that's dedicated to quality. They promise experiences that won't be forgotten. Alcor Prime is now a leading choice in Indonesia's lively events scene.

Planning a corporate event catering or a private party catering? Looking for gourmet options with buffet and menu choices? Alcor Prime is your go-to for making your vision real. They offer services from planning and music to artist support. It's your everything-stop for events and fun.

Alcor Prime is always raising the bar. They keep up their drive for the best in everything they do. This makes them stand out in Indonesia and worldwide. They aim to create unforgettable moments, setting a new standard in event and catering leadership.


What services does Alcor Prime offer?

Alcor Prime in Indonesia leads in full event solutions. They offer services like organizing corporate events, managing events, event activation, and more. They also provide halls, sound & lighting, catering, restaurants, and services for music, artists, and merchandise.

What is Wayang Bistro?

Wayang Bistro is part of Alcor Prime and focuses on Indonesia's food heritage. It serves authentic Indonesian meals using the best ingredients for a true taste. The bistro even customizes menus for personal or business needs.

What catering services does Alcor Prime’s Table Top Catering division offer?

Table Top Catering from Alcor Prime offers high-end catering for all events. This includes corporate events, private parties, and a variety of menu styles. They cater to diverse client needs with their menu options.

What are the key strengths of Alcor Prime?

Alcor Prime's strengths come from their skilled team and wide service range. They focus on delivering quality. Their team ensures every client is cared for with great attention.

What facilities and venues does Alcor Prime offer?

Alcor Prime provides The Kasablanka and Sutera Hall, versatile spaces for many events. They also offer sound and lighting rentals.

What additional services does Alcor Prime offer?

Besides events and catering, Alcor Prime provides extra services like music distribution, artist management, production, and merchandising.

How can I get in touch with Alcor Prime?

For info on Alcor Prime's services or to speak with an event specialist, use their contact info to get in touch. Reach us by phone at +62 21 2948 8557, or talk to Alcor Prime event specialist +62 818 616 006 (Whatsapp), Email:, Office Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +7). We're here Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Our team is ready to help with your inquiries and provide service info.

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